O’Connor Woods Offers a Wide Variety of Fitness Classes

Here at O’Connor Woods, we know how important it is to make wellness a part of your day-to-day life. The Wellness Connection is currently offering 27 exercise classes per week to our residents and 23 to our community Fitness club monthly members. Below are descriptions of two of our most unique offerings- FallProof™ Balance & Mobility Training and The Brain Fitness Program.

  • FallProof™ Balance & Mobility Training is a big part of our Fall Prevention Program. Many residents and community members participate and regularly report improvements in their ability to restore their balance, along with better overall function in their daily activities. This program adopts a multidimensional approach to balance-related problems, and balance and gait assessments are provided using state-of-the-art technology to determine the most suitable training program for the individual. Older adults experiencing balance problems greatly benefit from this focused training.
  • The Brain Fitness Program started February 16th, 2016, and currently 50+ residents are participating and loving the program. This research-based program offers participants a fun and encouraging atmosphere in which they learn how to stimulate the brain and memory retrieval, and to keep their brains strong as they age. Each class includes activities to stimulate the brain, with exercises that target underlying brain skills that allow individuals to process information quickly and efficiently.

Because staying social is another important aspect of wellness, O’Connor Woods also offers “Coffee at the Club” on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Residents and community members love the social time together having coffee and sharing their stories.

For more information on the Wellness program at O’Connor Woods, check out our Wellness page!