“We started using Live Well at Home two months ago. My wife has Alzheimer’s disease and I am her primary caregiver. We both know that I need some time away from caregiving and this is the perfect answer for us. We started with Adelle coming two days per month but we are increasing it to one day per week and we have the ability to increase the service as we need it. My wife loves Adelle and they get along really well. She does great things for us, like reorganizing our closets, and other chores that we never seem to have the time to do ourselves. But most of all I can leave the house for a few hours while Adelle is here and I don’t have to worry about things. I can go to a movie, run errands, or just go have a cup of coffee, read and relax for a while. My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner. The Live Well at Home organization is very active in their follow-up to make sure things are going well and they handle the administrative things for us. We just let Adelle come and do her thing. We could not be more satisfied and we rate them as a ‘10′ or ‘5 stars’.”

“My service with Live Well at Home was excellent to say the least. I was treated well, and my caregivers were well trained, reliable, and dependable and were there when I needed them. Caregivers seemed to enjoy their job. I was in pretty bad shape when I began with them and they helped get me back on my feet. Furthermore, everyone was kind and considerate with me.”

– Dr. Theodore Dann

“We are very happy with Live Well at Home by Eskaton’s services. All is going great, our caregiver is excellent. She is great and an absolute match for my mom. I love the care that Live Well at Home takes to find the right caregiver.”

“We have had the best care from your employees. We have been blessed to have such good care.”

“I needed care during my surgery recovery and the caregivers were well trained and provided outstanding care. It was a pleasure to have Live Well at Home by Eskaton in my home.”

“We live halfway across the continent but visit Mom (89) and partner (86) every month or so. After Mom’s fall, Eskaton recommended Live Well at Home for in home care – first for 5 days a week, which we later reduced to 3 days. We got to know Mom’s helper and liked her a great deal. Live Well found the right person for the couple. Live Well was critical to the success of Mom reaching 90 and beyond! Live Well took much pressure off her partner, allowing important freedom to shop and go to doctors. We had seen problems with normal hygiene, use of the walker, dirty dishes, and losing hearing aids. Live Well’s helper consistently found the lost hearing aids when neither Mom nor her partner could do so. We remain very pleased with the help that Live Well provides.”

“Karen was a lifesaver for us with Dad.”

– Cindy S.

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