Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers demonstrate the heart of Eskaton as they nurture friendships and encourage well-being.

“I really enjoy being a volunteer and the feeling I get from being here. The growing connections I make with the people here make me leave feeling happy and excited to return.” – Claire, College Student Volunteer

Listen to some of the wonderful volunteer opportunities available at Eskaton.

Opportunities include:

  • One-on-One Companionship: Encouraging, listening, reminiscing, hand massaging and reading
  • Group Activities: Cards, bingo, dominos, outings, trivia, sing-a-longs, exercise circles
  • Musical Entertainment: Individuals and groups, voice, piano, guitar, dance
  • Artistic Expression: Includes painting, ceramics, drawing, sculpting and needlework
  • Telephone Reassurance and Home Visiting: Provide social and well checks for isolated seniors
  • Special Events: Preparation, set-up, host, and clean-up
  • Pet Therapy: Pets can make a difference in the lives of residents
  • Wheelchair Chauffeurs: Assist residents with mobility to and from activities
  • Nature Walk Escorts: Accompany residents outdoors to enjoy fresh air and sunshine
  • Spiritual Support: Provide group studies, one-on-one visits for prayer and encouragement
  • Teach a Class or Facilitate a Support Group: Bring a skill or area of expertise to share with our residents
  • Office Support: General office duties, sorting, filing, preparing bulk mailers
  • Technology Experts: Assist residents with Skype, Facebook, iPad, Alexa and computer apps

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Please submit volunteer application or submit group volunteer application.
  • Attending Eskaton’s Volunteer Orientation is required before volunteer service begins. Volunteer applicants will be invited to attend a virtual orientation once volunteer applications are received.
  • All volunteers 14 years old and younger must volunteer with an adult.

To learn more about volunteer and internship opportunities within the Eskaton family, please contact Hanan Kashmoola, Volunteer Program Coordinator, at 916-334-0810 or Hanan.Kashmoola@eskaton.org

For additional information on volunteering at Eskaton, view our Eskaton Volunteer Handbook.


Volunteer Opportunities

Interns make a difference at Eskaton. This video highlights the impact of this Gerontology intern’s senior project. Giovanna brings technology to seniors using the talents of high school students. Use your skills, enlist your passions and make a difference in the lives of seniors. Join over 300 college students who are hosted by many departments throughout Eskaton to make their classroom experience come alive.

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