O'connor Woods Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Discover the Benefits of Membership

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As a resident of O’Connor Woods, you’ll have access to financial options that fit your lifestyle. By choosing to become a member of the community, you can reduce your monthly rent by 25%, giving you more financial freedom and flexibility. In addition, you’ll save 10% on higher levels of care, should you ever require them. With two membership options available, our Residential Living Advisors can help you select the one best for you and your loved ones.

Types of Entrance Fee Contracts:

Traditional 3-year Amortized Agreement
A traditional membership requires less money down, and is amortized over 36 months. If you leave within the first three years, the amount remaining is returned to you. After three years, these funds are no longer returned. However, you will continue to receive the 25% off your monthly fees, as well as a reduced rate for higher levels of care.

90% Repayable Agreement
Residents put down a dollar amount based on the unit they select. When they leave the community, 90% of the amount paid is returned to them.

Benefits of Membership:

  • A reduced monthly rate
  • Assurance that should needs ever change, you can enjoy lower rates on higher levels of care
  • The ability to choose between two different entrance fee contracts and enjoy the payment option that works best for you
  • The opportunity to receive money back if you move out in the future

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