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O'Connor Woods Partners with Touro University Medical Group and Hospice of San Joaquin


O’Connor Woods is proud to announce its partnership with Touro University Medical Group and Hospice of San Joaquin that will enhance and expand access to high-quality, compassionate health care services for their residents. Our award-winning community is dedicated to establishing collaborative alliances with entities that can supplement and improve the continuity of care at O’Connor Woods.

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Physicians with the Touro University Medical Group provide residents with routine and preventative care on campus at the O’Connor Woods Health Clinic, eliminating the need to arrange for transportation or make several appointments with varying physicians practicing in multiple locations. With primary care providers specializing in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Infectious Disease, Urology and more, this unique multi-specialty practice offers residents premium access to a comprehensive, wrap-around program of medical services powered by cutting-edge research. Through our unique collaboration with Hospice of San Joaquin (a first of its kind in the region), O’Connor Woods can now offer the services of a full-time Hospice of San Joaquin nurse on the community’s campus. This individual will be available on-site to provide dedicated, professional end-of-life care to O’Connor Woods residents in the familiarity of their own community and residences, increasing the quality of care, the comfort of those receiving it, and the ability to offer support to families and team members.

“We are so pleased and honored to be able to provide this level of care to our beloved residents. Our partnerships with Touro Med Group and Hospice of San Joaquin mean that we can offer our residents and their loved ones the services and support they require right at their doorsteps, enhancing their quality of life to the fullest possible extent.” ~Penny Mallette, Executive Director, O’Connor Woods

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