Who should consider in-home care in Sacramento or the surrounding areas?

Whether you need a few hours a week of help to get to appointments, help around the home, or 24/7 care, in-home care assistance should be considered by you and your family. Having in home care services means being in control of your activities and retaining as much independence as each situation allows. Many of our clients just need a little help to continue living a safe and productive life while some might be recovering from a fall, or surgery or other condition. Regardless of your situation, our goal is to enable you the best possible outcome while allowing you to be in control of your care and daily decisions. For a FREE assessment, contact us today.

What is your hiring process for caregivers?

Live Well at Home has partnered with Honor, a company that specializes in recruiting, training and managing the very best caregivers. We benefit from Honor’s sophisticated technology, operational expertise and resources for caregivers, allowing us to provide an even better care experience to our clients.

What happens when my caregiver is sick?

One of the reasons to use a quality home care agency is that they are assisting you in managing your care or care for a loved one. When a caregiver has an emergency or is sick and cannot be at his or her assigned shift, the agency will staff the shift with a replacement caregiver capable of meeting current needs. Every effort is made to provide a good match between client and caregiver, even with a replacement caregiver. A quality agency is available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies just like this.

What happens if I am not happy with my caregiver?

While Live Well at Home makes every attempt to provide a good “match” between the caregiver and our client, sometimes the chemistry just does not work. Live Well at Home will replace any caregiver where the client does not feel that the match is appropriate.

Will Medicare pay for home care services?

Medicare pays for home health visits, which are prescribed by your doctors, but not in-home care. Home care is either private pay or paid for by your long-term care insurance policy.

What is the difference between non-medical care and home health?

Home care usually refers to non-medical in-home care assistance. Home health care is prescribed by your doctor and usually paid for by Medicare. Home health agencies provide medical services such as handling IVs, wound care, administering medications or occupational, speech or physical therapy. Home care provides assistance for the activities of daily living and is usually private pay or paid for by your long-term care insurance policy. Home care and home health agencies work together to keep you safe and comfortable.

What services are included in non-medical home care?

Companionship/Homemaking – Caregivers ensuring that the house is kept clean, warm, nutritious meals are prepared and safe transportation to errands and appointments are all part of non-medical home care.

Personal Care – Often a mentally and physically challenging task for a family caregiver, personal care assistance with bathing, dressing, and toileting can all be handled by a personal caregiver.

Can Live Well at Home assist with medications?

Medication management is critically important to remaining safe at home. Live Well at Home caregivers can assist with medication reminders only. Drug treatment plans that include sorting and administering medications should only be handled by a family caregiver, nurse, or physician who is authorized and qualified to provide this service.

Does Live Well at Home accept long-term care insurance?

Yes, Live Well at Home works with all of the long-term care insurance companies to facilitate payment under your policy for your home care. Live Well at Home will provide your long-term care insurance company with weekly copies of invoices and care notes to facilitate payment or reimbursement for your home care costs.

Are there a minimum number of hours or shifts that I have to commit to?

The shortest care shift we can provide is four hours and the minimum hours per week is twelve. Other than that, you determine how many shifts per week and the length of the shift. We have found that for the best continuity of care and to provide the same caregiver, we need a consistent schedule. We will be glad to work with you on a schedule that works for your needs and budget.

Do you provide care in independent living, assisted living and hospitals?

Live Well at Home provides in-home care assistance anywhere it is needed. Many times care is needed that is more than provided in the senior community. Our caregivers regularly provide care in independent and assisted living communities. Sometimes one-on-one assistance is even needed in the hospital. Our caregivers are ready to provide care wherever you call home.

Can I call anytime?

Yes, Live Well at Home is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live Well at Home’s Care Coordinators are available in case of a caregiver or client emergency, or an immediate need to cancel a shift. Live Well’s Care Navigators and other Care Team members are also available 24/7 to assist new clients in establishing or modifying care.

What makes Live Well at Home different?

Live Well at Home by Eskaton is taking in-home care assistance in Sacramento and the surrounding areas to the highest level. We are the Home Care division of Eskaton, Northern California’s premier nonprofit provider of aging services. You will have the confidence and peace of mind that you are receiving the best and most compassionate home care available.

How do I get started?

Just call us at 800-478-1209 or contact us online. We will answer all of your questions. When you are ready, we will set up a free home care assessment to help you determine the kind of in-home care assistance you are looking for.

We are ready when you are. Whether you are planning ahead for rehabilitation assistance or you are preparing for a discharge from the hospital or skilled nursing community or you are at home and need assistance and care – we are ready to help.

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