What is the 602 Physician’s Report?


There are many steps involved in making a move into a senior community. One of the most important pieces is the 602 Physician’s Report.

What is the 602 Physician’s Report?

The 602 is an overall assessment from the Primary Care Physician of the Resident moving in. It is a California required document and is needed for anyone moving into an Assisted Living community.

When should I get started on the paperwork?

it is very important to get started on the 602 as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition once you find the perfect community.

How long is the report valid for?

The report is valid for 6 months, so even if your move is not immediate, getting it completed is important to ensure you are prepared when getting closer to making a move.

Where can I get the 602?

Download a copy below and get started through your Physician.

Download 602 Physician’s Report

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