Artificial Intelligence Fall Detection

Artificial Intelligence Fall Detection

Residents living with some form of cognitive change are four times more likely to fall, and are often unable to communicate why they fell, or whether their head made contact with the ground. To address this urgent need, Eskaton partnered with SafelyYou to assist care partners in identifying and mitigating fall risk among residents.

SafelyYou is an innovative artificial technology (AI) system designed to detect and reduce fall risk for older adults. Consisting of wall-mounted cameras in residents’ bedrooms and sophisticated AI that detects falls, the system directly analyzes any video captured only when a fall is detected. An automated notification goes directly to the care team, enabling them to act quickly and identify how the fall occurred. During the pilot program, this technology reduced the number of unnecessary ER visits for residents by 93% and continues to assist care partners in identifying risk factors that contribute to falls.

SafelyYou BrochureSafelyYou not only provides information about why a fall occurs, but it also provides the care team will contextual information about what environmental factors may have led to a fall. Learn more 

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