COVID can’t keep Corvette Caravan from cruising


Mountain Democrat logoAugust 7, 2020

Eskaton Village and Gold Country Retirement Center residents in Placerville enjoyed their own, personal Corvette Drive-By Caravan Saturday when 23 members of Cameron Park Corvette Club revved up and rolled into the facilities’ lots.

The parade of sleek Corvettes organized in Cameron Park, made its way to Gold Country Retirement Center, then down Main Street in Placerville and on to Eskaton Village.

“I just love Corvettes,” said Eskaton Village resident Bob Addison. “It was fabulous to have the cars come by today. It helped lift my spirits a lot and get outside during this health crisis. We have been cooped up a long time.”

The Cameron Park Corvette Club has been in existence since 1991. The club’s motto reads: “To have fun! To drive that car, that for some reason is sucking all that money from your checkbook! To meet other people who are stuck in the past and love it! And to assist each other in having a great time by owning a ‘legend.’ Corvettes Forever!”

Fun was certainly had by those who watched the beautiful cars Saturday.

“We had so much joy today and are grateful to the Cameron Park Corvettes for entertaining us today,” said Eskaton Village resident Georgia Howell. Read more.

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