HIPAA Privacy Policy


Eskaton will provide each Individual with a Notice of Privacy Practices, setting forth the uses and disclosures of protected health information that Eskaton may make, the Individual’s rights, and Eskaton’s duties with respect to such information.

Policy Interpretation and Implementation

1. Provision of Notice
Eskaton will provide each Individual with its Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) at the time of admission to a Skilled Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility for Developmentally Disabled, Residential Care Facility, Home Care agency, or Adult Day Health Center (see Attachment NPP A).

2. Acknowledgment of Notice
Eskaton will make a good faith effort to obtain written acknowledgment of receipt of the NPP by the Individual by obtaining a written statement at the end of the NPP that he or she has received the document. If the Individual is unable or unwilling to sign the acknowledgment, Eskaton will document its good faith efforts to obtain the acknowledgment, together with the reason why it was unsuccessful, and place it in the business office file (see Attachment NPP B).

3. Posting of Notice

a. Hard Copy Eskaton will post the NPP in a clear and prominent location where it is reasonable to expect that Individuals will be able to read it. Eskaton also will have the NPP available in a convenient place, so that Individuals who request it may receive a copy.

b. Electronic Posting Eskaton maintains a website that provides information about its services, and will prominently post the NPP on the website in a way that makes it possible to be downloaded and printed.

4. Changes to Notice
Eskaton will make changes to the NPP as required by law, as necessitated by changes in any of the practices described in the NPP, or as otherwise deemed appropriate. In that case, the terms of the new NPP will apply to all protected health information in Eskaton’s possession, including information received prior to the effective date of the new NPP. Unless required by law, Eskaton will not implement any material change to any term of the NPP prior to the effective date of the new NPP containing the change.

5. Further Information about Notice
Eskaton has designated a contact person responsible for receiving complaints about its privacy practices and/or to provide further information about matters covered by the NPP.

6. Documentation
Eskaton will retain a copy of the signed NPP in the Individual’s business office file.

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