Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery
A woman resident bowling as staff and other residents cheer her on.A woman staff member training two resident women how to use an iPad.Three women smiling and talking to the waitress in the dining room.A breakfast plate with scrabbled eggs, bacon, pancakes and fresh fruit.Two women planting flowers in a planter on the patio.Two women resident sitting outside on a bench while two children are skating on their skateboards.A staff member taking to two women resident sitting outside on a bench.Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park front entrance with beautiful green trees and lawn.Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park's dining room.A dinner plate with salmon, asparagus, roasted red potatoes.Patio with beautiful trees, plants and patio tables and umbrellas.Patio table and chair under a large umbrella.Eskaton Cameron Park living room area with couches, chairs and fireplace.Game area with a Chess set on a table and a piano.Apartment with bed, nightstand, close closet, chair and ottoman.Bathroom, sink and shower.Front door and entrance into apartment with a planter outside the door.

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